Breed Characteristics

Pugs are true companion dogs. As you read in Pug History they have had no other purpose than to love and be loved. For this reason Pugs are very people oriented. They not only thrive on human companionship but also need it to survive. A Pug should not be left alone for long periods of time. They do best with a companion even if it is another Pug.

They love to play and go for walks. They are not aware they are small dogs so care must be taken they don’t get in harms way. Pugs are completely NAIVE (some say downright dumb) about cars. Even Pugs who have been hit by a car (and survive) do not seem to learn that cars can hurt. Pugs should NEVER be allowed loose around cars.

Pugs are quite trainable with quiet patience and understanding. Do not yell and scream at your Pug. Never hit your Pug. They do best with positive reinforcement. In fact the best way to house train a Pug is to praise them EVERY time they do their business outside. They have such a willingness to please but they do need positive encouragement.

Pugs come in fawn (various shades) and black. There is little personality difference between the colors, though some say the black Pugs tend to be more active. There is also little difference in personality between males and females. Some are laid back others are more active. They all love people and will follow you and your family throughout your home.

Since Pugs are shorthaired they do not need a lot of brushing. They do shed and brushing helps keep the hairs off your clothing. The nose wrinkle is the deep one just over the bridge of the nose; it needs to be cleaned with a warm damp facecloth. Ears need to be checked and cleaned. The most hated Pug grooming chore (for both Pugs and humans) is nail cutting. For some reason Pugs hate getting their nails cut. Teach your Pug early on that this is standard practice and it’s really NOT scary. Do not yell at the dog, this only makes them more scared. Some people have found that grinding the nails down with a dremmel tool is ‘less scary’ than cutting. It also reduces the chance of cutting the quick and causing the nail to bleed. It is best to have two people, one to hold the dog and a second to cut (or grind) the nails. Try doing one paw a night rather than all at once.


Pugs love to eat. Please watch your Pugs weight. An overweight Pug will have trouble breathing and walking. Obesity greatly increases the chances of serious health problems. Feed your Pug a good commercial Lamb & Rice diet. Raw vegetables make great snacks, as they are low fat and crunchy.

Pugs, like all dogs, like exercise. They love to go for walks. Care must be taken not to overheat them on hot days. The great thing about Pugs is that the can go for walks when it’s nice but don’t become hyperactive if kept indoors during bad weather. A quick walk around the block will suffice on bad days.

Enjoy the short video below for more useful information.