Activities To Do With Your Pug

What are some of the events that you can do with your Pug?

Well, if your Pug is registered with The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC),you can enter both conformation and obedience at dog shows. Conformation is the "BEAUTY PAGEANT" or how well the Pug conforms to the standard. The standard is the written "ideal, perfect" Pug. This is one method that breeders use to help determine if their Pugs should be bred or not. If the Pug varies considerably from the standard, it probably should NOT be bred.

Obedience is the "sit and stay" that you learn in puppy classes but a lot more detailed. It is the two of you working together in partnership and starts at what you learn in puppy classes and basic obedience right up to jumps and retrieving to silent hand commands. Yes, Pugs can learn this. Just ask a few of our members who have titled their Pugs, with a lot of hard work and love.

For those very energetic people and Pugs, there is always AGILITY. Yes that's right. Agility !!!!!!!! Pugs have been known to outscore even the Jack Russells.

For those couch potato's out there, consider sharing the love of your Pug with those less fortunate (ie: Pugless) and try Pet Therapy. There are various organizations that certify animals for therapy and the Pug's temperament make it a wonderful natural Therapy dog. The way children's faces light up when visited in hospital and the Pug's tail starts to wag, or when an Alzheimer's patient starts to talk about their dog of many years ago when snuggling your Pug makes it all worth the effort. St. John's Ambulance Services does some testing and may know of others in your area.

There is LOTS to do with your Pug. Starting in 2010, keep watch on our web site for upcoming events, hopefully in YOUR area. If you know of any Pug events coming up please let us know so we can share it with other Pug Lovers.